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Kelly Burgess
Mission Mountain Software
P.O. Box 735
Seeley Lake, MT 59868
tel: (406) 677-2948

Extending Omnis for the Discerning Developer Since 1986

Send faxes to a 4-Sight Fax server with 4SightTalk
Control printer selection and page setups with PickPrinter
List & field caching, non-datafile storage with CRBStack
Add very fast lookup lists with OmDex
Play sounds with PlaySnd
Phone dialing with Dial or SCDialer
Print the top window with PrintWindow
Custom Open, Save, Choose Folder dialogs with StdFile
Modal windows and menu blocking with dMouse
Animated and custom cursors with Cursors
Visual window transitions with Effects
Menu-free Command-key control with Vector
Synchronize system clocks with Sync2Server
Import from TWAIN scanners and cameras with OmnisTWAIN
Fast data import with ParseFile
Log file and clipboard access with MoveText
Display text files with ShowText
Display pictures with ShowPICT or PICTfile
Display QuickTime media with Movies
Overlay form/logo graphics on reports with PICTPaper
Extended font control in reports with FontMapper
Background notification with Notify
Add pop-up menus to Omnis 5 with Pops
Multiple event handlers in Omnis 5 with Jockey
Timers and clock displays with Tickers
Zip Code lookups and address cleaning with ZipPlus4

And Dozens More...
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I sell the externals you see in the list, and I also do custom work, if what you need isn't listed.
You can send me an e-mail at kellyb@montana.com.

Notes And Late-Breaking Info
Other sources of externals:
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